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Brands in New Inventory

New Guns Inventory

PistolSmith & WessonVictory22 LR375Out of Stock
PistolRugerMark 4 Blued 5.5 inch22 LR485Out of Stock
PistolRugerMark 4 Stainless 7.5 Inch22 LR645Out of Stock
PistolSmith & WessonM&P EZ 380380389In Stock
PistolSpringfield Armory911380585Out of Stock
Pistol Canik TP9 SF/ 5.2" BBL9 MM445Out of Stock
PistolSig SauerP3659MM499In Stock
PistolSmith & WessonM&P9 2.09 MM 499In Stock
PistolSpringfield ArmoryXDS-9 Mod2
9 MM465Out of Stock
PistolSpringfield Armory1911 Range Officer9 MM760In Stock
Pistol RugerSR1911 Commander45 Auto745In Stock
PistolSmith & Wesson M&P 45c45 Auto495In Stock
PistolSpringfield ArmoryXDS-4545 Auto455Out of Stock
RevolverRugerSP101/ 3" BBL357 MAG525In Stock
Shotgun CZ-USADrake O/U410 GA675In Stock
ShotgunMossberg500 Persuader Retro12 GA415In Stock
ShotgunRemington11-8712 GA675In Stock
ShotgunTristarRaptor12 Gauge/ 28" BBL
359In Stock
ShotgunTristarViper 12 Gauge/ 28" BBL
Semi- Auto
550In Stock
ShotgunTristarTT-15 Mono Trap12 GA950In Stock
RifleDark Storm IndustriesDS-9 Lightning9MM1495In Stock
Rifle Dark Storm IndustriesDS-15 MOE5.56 MM875In Stock
RifleDark Storm Industries DS-15 Lightning5.56 MM1275Out of Stock
RifleDark Storm IndustriesDS-15 MOE FDX5.56 MM875In Stock
RifleCZ USACZ 527300 Blackout675In Stock
RifleMossberg Patriot/ Walnut270 Win419In Stock
RifleHenry ArmsBig Boy.44 Mag875In Stock
RifleMossbergPatriot/ Black Synthetic7MM- 08 Rem315In Stock
RifleRemington783/ Black Synthetic7MM Rem Mag344In Stock
Rifle MossbergMVP Thunder Ranch5.56 MM595In Stock
RifleMossbergMVP LR Tactical7.62 x 51MM699In Stock
Rifle Mossberg 46430-30 WIN399In Stock
RifleRemington700 Magpul308 Win875In Stock
RifleRuger10/22 Walnut with Bull Barrel 22 LR435In Stock
RifleRugerMini-14/ Stainless5.56 MM895In Stock
Rifle Ruger American243 Win345In Stock
Rifle RugerM77 Hawkeye FTW Hunter30-06 SPRG895In Stock
RifleSmith & WessonM&P15-22 Sport22LR425In Stock
RifleThompson CenterT/CR 22 ALTA22LR545In Stock
Rifle Thompson CenterT/CR 22
RealTree Camo
22LR375In Stock
RifleThompson CenterLRR ( Long Range Rifle)6.5 Creedmore1095In Stock
RifleTikka T3 Lite/ Black Synthetic7MM-08 Rem539In Stock
Rifle WeatherbyVanguard/ Camo
Davidson's Exclusive
308 Win749In Stock
RifleUberttiCattleman Revolving Carbine45 Long Colt625In Stock

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