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We have a variety of used guns available. All of which are certified and inspected by a gunsmith so you know that the quality is guaranteed. Please visit us to find a used gun that fits your needs.

Pistol Smith & Wesson Model 4122 LR1000
PistolColtGold Cup National Match45 Auto1400
PistolColt191145 Auto1500
PistolColt1911 Government/ C-serial number45 Auto2995
PistolS&W1911/ Tac Rail45 Auto875
PistolS & W191145 Auto699
RevolverRugerNew Model Single- Six22 LR495
RevolverColtAgent38 Special700
ReolverSmith & WessonK-38 Target Materpiece38 SPL450
RevolverRossi6838 Special225
Revolver RugerNew Model Blackhawk41 MAG500
RevolverRugerSuper Blackhawk44 MAG695
RevolverRugerSuper Redhawk480 Ruger799
RevolverRugerNew Model Blackhawk45 Colt450
RifleRemington24122 CAL325
Rifle SavageMark ll 22LR245
RifleWinchester60A22 LR350
RifleColtAR-15 SP1/ Original
Triangle Hand Guard
223 REM2100
RifleMarlinModel 9 Camp Carbine9MM725
RifleRugerAmerican204 Ruger225
RifleSavageModel 10223 REM599
RifleMossbergPatriot270 Win275
RifleSavage110270 Win275
RifleMossbergPatriot270 WIN275
RifleFNFN 497x57 Mauser2200
RifleSavage 99A/ Minty308 WIN795
RifleSavage110308 Wim575
Rifle Springfield ArmoryM1 Garand30-06 SPRG1375
Rifle WinchesterModel 5430-06 SPRG795
RifleMarlin33632 Special475
RifleSavage84030-30 WIN195
RifleSpringfield ArmoryM1 Garand Tanker/ Mint Condition30-06 SPRG1600
RifleThompson ( Auto Ordnance)1927 A1 (Chicago Style)45 Auto1100
RifleThompson (Auto Ordnance)1927 A145 Auto1500
ShotgunBrowningGold20 GA799
Shotgun Mossberg50020 GA / 2 barrel set350
ShotgunRemington870 Wingmaster16 GA275
ShotgunBrowningGold12 GA799
ShotgunBrowningAuto -512 GA795
ShotgunBrowningBPS12 GA450
ShotgunBrowningAuto-5 Light Twelve12 GA650
ShotgunBrowningA-Bolt Hunter Camo12 Gauge725
ShotgunRemington870 Wingmaster12 GA450
ShotgunRemingtonModel 11/ 2 barrel set with case12 GA900
Shotgun Savage Arms72012 GA225
ShotgunSavage Arms775A12 GA250

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