At Shawsheen Firearms & Gunsmithing, we offer complete cleaning services suitable to your specific needs. Whether you just want a basic, thorough cleaning or a full disassembly, we’ve got you covered.

How Often Should I Have My Gun Cleaned?

We all know we should clean our guns, but do you know how often your specific firearm requires cleaning? The truth is, it’s up for debate when it comes to routine gun cleaning. The answer will depend on your specific type of firearm, its primary function, and what elements it has been exposed to during use. However, it’s irrefutable that all guns should undergo occasional professional cleaning to keep them in their best possible shape. So, if you’ve never had your gun or guns cleaned by a gunsmith or it’s just been a while, now would be a good time to schedule your cleaning service.

What’s the Procedure for a Professional Gun Cleaning?

In addition to full repair services, we offer two types of gun cleanings: Sonic Cleaning and Complete Disassembly Cleaning.

Sonic Cleaning ($25) involves breaking your firearm down to its primary components and cleaning each one. The gun is then reassembled and lubricated, followed by a function test and a live fire.

Complete Disassembly Cleaning ($120) is a much more extensive process for removing heavy quantities of gunshot residue and grease, oil, and lead buildup. This process involves disassembling a firearm down to its smallest components and thoroughly cleaning and lubricating each one. This cleaning also includes a function test and a live fire.

Whether you clean your handgun every time it’s fired, or you inherited a rifle that you’ve never taken a cleaning rod to, regular professional gun cleaning is always recommended. Stop in or give us a call at (978) 667-3060, and we’ll get you scheduled for the right gun cleaning service for your firearm.